Identity Management Solutions

ID management systems provide IT managers with the technologies for controlling user access to critical information within an organization by changing a user's role, activities and to enforcing policies on an ongoing basis. These systems are designed to provide a means of administering user access control across an entire enterprise and to ensure compliance with corporate policies.
ID management is inextricably linked to the security and productivity of any organization involved in electronic commerce. Companies are using ID management systems not only to protect their digital assets, but also to enhance business productivity. An ID management system all but requires companies to define their access policies, specifically outlining who has access to what.
A technology which actually forms the core of ID Management is the automated fingerprint identification system. This is the process of automatically matching one or many unknown fingerprints against a database of known prints.
Implementing ID management systems practices in your organization can give you a real competitive advantage in a number of ways. Recent years, automated fingerprint identification systems have been used in large scale civil digital projects, the chief purpose is to prevent multiple enrollments in an electoral, welfare, driver licensing, or similar system. Another benefit of these identification systems are for background checks.
We always make sure that we give the best access control advice and solution that is efficient, secure and easy to manage by in-house IT manager(s).

Web Development

Dreamweaver-sToday, the web platforms have become one of the most versatile means of doing business, communicating, and gaining knowledge. And by such has become an integral part of our everyday lives, via social platforms, registration portals, online exams and the likes.
We have built websites for various Nigerian brands, helping them make their mark online because we believe that every business should have a reliable means of reaching its desired customer base and meeting up to the needs of its clients. This way, your business can be accessible anytime, and would provide useful information to current and/or prospective clients.
It is no news that users tend to turn elsewhere within the first 5 -10mins of visiting a shabby web platform with no useful information. For this reason, we help build safe, secure, and well organized web platforms with unique content to ultimately achieve its purpose as proposed and we always make sure that we give you the best sustainable web solution that is easy to manage.
We also offer e-commerce website development services; online stores integrated with a shopping cart and online payment options (MasterCard, Verve and Visa).Also, We can integrate various functionalities and media channels with responsive compatible mobile designs that allow your users have a great experience on your website regardless.
The web is an ever evolving platform, and we believe that through it we have a lot to offer our clients.

Reputation Management

reputation management

Reputation/social media Management is the in-depth study and positive influencing of an individual or a business' reputation on the net. Businesses, agencies and renowned leaders at all levels incorporate this as it has become one of the most important tools in measuring brand growth and social impact. One 'entertaining' complaint from an irate audience going viral can escalate into a full-blown crisis in less than 24 hours. In this environment, understanding what audiences feel, think and say about your company/personality in real time is ever more critical.
The advent of social connecting sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. has forever changed the rules of marketing. No longer do organizations need traditional means to tell their buyers why certain products are the best. No more do buyers have to go through long processes to give feedback to the producers; social media has indeed enhanced direct communication between parties.
We offer a range of Social Media Packages for all budget and help simplify and beautify your online marketing and/or reputation! With the growing number of Nigerians actively using social media, it is key to ensure that you focus on all social media channels. With a web-enabled gadget, content/social marketing managers can tell if they are winning businesses for their employers or not. We can help provide online marketing strategies, educate prospective buyers, and build brand advocates to defend your business/reputation. That is the power of social media.
Social Media reputation Management can be time consuming and often requires a creative understanding of the brand; our social media experts will not only monitor and update on your brands behalf, but will help develop customized content reflecting your core values with the goal of driving sales and increasing your online presence.
Market surveys claim that over 6 million Nigerians regularly use Facebook while over 2 million people use Twitter. A little less than 30 per cent of the population of 160 million accesses the Internet regularly and this number is expected to double in the next 3 years as access becomes cheaper and more reliable. This makes it compelling that digital visibility is the right way to go for an organization that intends to engage its stakeholders sustainably. With a web-enabled gadget, managers can, at the touch of a few buttons, tell if they are winning businesses for their employers or not. They can say what the problem is and proffer solutions to the problem. They can also inform and educate prospective buyers, while building an army of brand advocates to defend the products and the business. In this case, you can measure the impact of your online presence on your desired audience. That is the power of social media.

Revenue Consultancy

The foregoing not withstanding, Revenue consultancy remains a core area of specialization, but the company will also consult on, develop, deploy and manage other electronic solutions and platforms to suit our clients needs.

Crisis Management

The first hours after a crisis breaks are the most crucial, so working with speed and efficiency is important, and the plan should indicate how quickly each function should be performed.
Technological accidents inevitably occur when technology becomes complex and something goes wrong in the system as a whole (Technological breakdowns). Some technological crises occur when human error causes disruptions (Human breakdowns). People tend to assign blame for a technological disaster because technology is subject to human manipulation.
False information about an organization or its products creates crises hurting the organization's reputation. An example is linking the organization to radical groups or stories that their products are contaminated.
Crisis management is a situation-based management system that includes clear roles and responsibilities and process related organizational requirements company-wide. The response shall include action in the following areas: Crisis prevention, crisis assessment, crisis handling and crisis termination.

Three elements are common to a crisis:
(a) A threat to the organization
(b) The element of surprise
(c) A short decision time.
Our crisis management involves dealing with these kinds of threats/events before, during, and after they have occurred; thanks to our round the clock monitoring of individual or businesses activities online and active pursuit of organizational resilience.